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Go BackLoch Ness Challenges
During our expedition along The Great Glen Way and alongside Loch Ness, we had to complete a few challenges...

Challenge 1

Produce a list of ten questions and interview a fellow walker of the Great Glen Way – preferably one who is not a local – to determine what brought them to Loch Ness/Great Glen Way and how much of it was surrounding the myth of the Lochs famous inhabitant – “Nessie”.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Some pictures of ‘Nessie’ are more believable than others therefore you are to return home with a picture of ‘Nessie’ on Loch Ness taken during your expedition – the more “believable” the better.

Challenge 2

Challenge 3

Q - Loch Ness is very large and there are many different places that “Nessie” could successfully hide from public sight therefore find out the length, depth & width of Loch Ness and anything interesting/ unique about it to make a group decision on where you believe “Nessie” calls ‘home’...

A - The length, depth and width of Loch Ness is 23 miles long, 1 mile wide and 600ft deep; we believed Nessie stayed in the large grater like hole that was discovered years ago only to find out that the hole is an anomaly on radar and does not actually exist.

Challenge 4

Q - Loch Ness is a popular tourist destination and provides many different jobs - list as many as you can and try to get the name of somebody who has each of those jobs...

A -

Paul – Youth Hostel Manager, Invermoriston
Dave – Youth Hostel Worker, Drumnadrochit
Susan – Chip Shop Worker, Drumnadrochit
George - Boat Skipper - Drumnadrochit
Lara – Morrison’s Check Out Girl, Inverness

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