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Go BackPoland - Tuesday 15th August 2007
Today we had the hike back home through the mountains. Fortunately, the weather had stayed beautiful throughout.

It was mostly downhill after a short bus journey to the start of the trail. After a days walking, (making friends with some local farm animals on the way…) we arrived back at Wapienica.

Everyone had the chance to go and get cleaned up before dinner and a campfire. Everyone disappeared off to bed at about 10.30pm.

David milks a cow (or so it seems!)

It was that night that we were subjected to a kind of ‘initiation ceremony’ which, looking back on it was very, very funny.

We were woken up one at a time starting at about 1am and led into the woods by Misia and Iza, two of the Polish leaders who were wrapped in white bed sheets.

They took us to the edge of the woods where we had to go through a series of stations completing various unpleasant tasks such as eating ‘sock soup’ and having our fingers ‘chopped off’ with an axe. Oh, and crawling about under cargo nets wearing a gas mask. All very odd and not something that’s particularly welcomed at one in the morning.

Andrew taking a break - the view was spectacular

However, everyone took it in good humour and perhaps even enjoyed it, even being jumped out at by Polish scouts in the pitch blackness as you moved between stations. At the end of the trail of stations was a campfire where you had to sit in silence while the rest of the group went through the same thing behind you.

Apparently, this is something the Polish scouts do to all their new scouts who are about 11 or 12 years old! All highly entertaining for all (especially the Polish scouts who thoroughly enjoyed watching us go through it!).

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