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Go BackPoland - Monday 14th August 2007
Today we headed out for a two day hike in the mountains. Apparently, the hike we did the day before was only a warm up!

It was rather exhausting and fairly hard going but well worth it all the same. The scenery was beautiful and it meant we got to know the Polish scouts a bit better.

We got lost a couple of times but this time it was Masay and Olek’s fault (the Polish leaders)!

That night, we stayed at a scout campsite in a rather small hut. We had to fit about thirty people in here to sleep so we just completely covered the floor with the mattresses provided.

The small hut covered in mattresses

Before going to bed (everyone was very tired), we went down to a nearby lake where everyone had a shot on the pedalos there. It was only after getting soaked that we realised we didn’t have a change of clothes…

But it was good fun all the same.

Andrew, Fergus, Andrew and Alistair on the pedalos

Afterwards, it was back up to the campsite for a dinner, some games and a very welcome sleep before the rest of the hike the next day.

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