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Go BackSlovakia/ Czech Republic - Sunday 6th August 2007
Ok, day three and, incredible as this may sound, we ended up checking into a hotel in the Czech Republic! Let me explain how that happened…

We left the football field campsite at about 10.30am after making a flag pole and flying the Scottish flag as we packed up as part of one of our tasks. A few cars beeped to us from the rod when they saw our flag. Once packed up we set off… in the wrong direction entirely. An hour into our misadventure, we flagged down a car and the driver told us of our mistake. Many… exclamations resounded round the group. So back we went, this time in the right direction towards the dam. Once across the dam, we found a fairly abandoned-looking bus stop. We sat down while Chris went to check the bus timetable. He came back with a plan. The best one we had heard since we started. After much studying of the map, we had established that there two Trstenas, each with a slight variation in spelling. One was the one we had just come from the night before, the other was pretty close to the town we wanted to be in by the end of the day. The bus timetable appeared to suggest that there was a bus to the Trstena we wanted to be in in about an hour.

The Football Field (aka Campsite)

And so we waited (we were getting good at waiting). Well, that bus turned out to be the one back to the Trstena we had just come from! However, we made the most of our second backtracking situation. We caught the bus to Čadca. Upon arrival, we discovered once again that there was nowhere to eat and definitely nowhere to sleep. In the end we just decided to catch the train to Česky-Tešin.Once we got there, we spotted a hotel and thought “What the heck, let’s go!”

Luxury Accommodation & Laundry

...and that’s how we ended up in a rather nice hotel! The flushing toilet, hot shower and feather pillows were fantastic. And all for the equivalent of about £20 for four of us for a night.

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